Case Report

Acute Hepatitis A: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Management in D Type Hospital Majenang Central Java

Busono FFP1, Permana IS2

1.     General Practitioner of  Raffa General Hospital, Majenang

2.     Internal Medicine Departement of  Raffa General Hospital, Majenang



1.     Background

Hepatitis A is a common cause of acute hepatitis that spread through the fecal-oral route. Acute Hepatitis A is a self-limiting disease. However, it could be a severe complication if treatment isn’t appropriate and comprehensive. Diagnostic of acute hepatitis A made by taking history, physical examination, and laboratories specific examination of Anti HAV- immunoglobulin (IgM).1,2

2.     Case Description

Mr.E, 28 years old, presented to Emergency Departement with pain at the right upper quadrant of the abdomen. This was preceded by seven days of fever and flu-like syndrome. He also admitted that his sclera and skin became yellowish, nausea and vomiting, dark urine, and tan-colored stools. He often ate with his colleagues at roadside stalls with poor hygiene quality. The physical examination showed his hemodynamics were stable. Further examination revealed yellow bilateral sclera and liver span. Specific examinations were elevated transaminase liver enzyme and Anti HAV IgM (+). Therapeutic managements were 1.500 kcal liver dietary, L-Ornithine-L-Aspartate infusion in 200 mL of D5% for 2 days, Pantoprazole injection q.24.hours, Ondansetron injection 4 mg q.8.hours, tablet of curcuma q.8.hours, and tablet of sucralfate q.8.hours. His clinical condition improved significantly for 3 days of hospitalization with the decrease of liver enzyme. On the 4th day, the hospitalization ended without any sequelae symptoms on the patient.

3.     Conclusion

This case illustrates the importance of clinicians taking historical risk factors with symptomatology, physical examination, and laboratory findings to give proper and best therapeutic management.

Keywords : Hepatitis A, Diagnostic, Therapeutic Management, D Type General Hospital

1.     Foster A, Hernandez S. 2019. Hepatitis A: A Case Report Example of a Growing Epidemiological Threat. SMRJ. 3(3). doi:10.51894/001c.7436


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